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Mikhail Vasilyev personal webpage

Who am I?

Hello. My name is Mikhail Vasilyev. I was born and live in Volgograd (perhaps you may know its as Stalingrad) with my family. For more than ten years I had been working in Internet service provider companies. In the last in the POWERNET, where I controlled a little piece of the Internet, also known as Autonomous System 51032. And now I am a networking engineer in an enterprise network.

I am still Cisco certified. Sometimes I write for Habr blog, and also you can find me on my public Telegram channel. Besides that, I give a little part of my time to the some own projects. And I spend the rest of the time with my family, which I love so much.

You can easily contact me by any of the ways listed on the first page. Thank you for paying attention and reading about me.

These are "DNS over HTTPS" and "DNS over TLS" services for me and all others without any logs.


Reading Twitter @BGP4-Table and @BGP6-Table and reposting every tweet from where. As result, you can see some statistics in Telegram about BGP actual table state, which is collected by Darren O'Connor the author of this Twitter bots.

Map of Volgograd ISPs

My attempt collects comprehensive technical information about ISPs around Volgograd region. Partial successfully, but do not strong actual now.